Prototyping your digital future

“A little less conversation, a little more action please."

– Elvis Presley –

In a digital transformation process it is essential to identify, develop and bring to life products and services much faster and more flexible than before. We founded Bloom Labs to do exactly that.

We design and implement with multidisciplinary teams, using an agile and iterative process. To deliver truly innovative digital products and services much closer to customers’ hearts and minds at much a faster pace. Bloom Labs combines innovative technology, design and communication to prototype and scale digital products and services with an entrepreneurial mindset. We design and implement with multidisciplinary teams, using an agile and iterative process.

Our Services.
Your Digital Success.

Digital Prototypes

We ideate and prototype digital products, services or platforms to understand their impact for your customers and your organization. We strongly believe in the power of agile development to make that happen. We work closely with your company’s teams and train them on agile work methods. Based on the prototypes and their success rates (e.g. CAC, CLV values) we can deliver better and more realistic business cases.

Hosted Acceleration

We host product teams and owners in our Berlin offices, providing infrastructure, access to experts and the digital solution platform to develop digital products and services as minimum viable products (MVPs) in 100 days or 2 to 5 day hackathons. We support market testing, iteration and scaling.

Digital Assets

We design and implement innovative digital assets that bring to life what your brand has to say and to offer, and make a tangible difference in your customers’ daily life. Our digital assets are not just websites, apps or campaigns. We take pride in always striving for the next best thing in digital communication, content and design by using some of the latest technologies in voice and AI.

Digital Platforms

We create data-driven and habit-forming platforms that connect your customer groups and deliver your content in a meaningful way. Platforms provide the infrastructure for communication, sales or services, generating valuable behavioural data as a true and lasting competitive advantage. We leverage existing platform prototypes for tailor-made solutions.

Digital Services

We develop digital solutions as micro-services to solve specific but highly relevant customer problems. These services are based on our proprietary LeadscoreTM platform. We enable flexible implementation across various platforms or assets of our client or our client’s partners to increase reach.

Your Benefits

Expertise & Learning

based on access to digital rock stars and joint product ownership. Agile only.

Speed & Relevance

based on agile development and fast iterations on the market.

Independence & Scale

by leveraging state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure keeping interfaces to your corporate IT as low as possible.